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The New Dreamers

Freddie & The Dreamers were a household name during the 1960’s.

The band consisted of Freddie Garrity, Roy Crewson, Derek Quinn, Pete Birrell and Bernie Dwyer.

The first generation were world famous hit recording artists.


Generation Two

Over the years there have been various line-ups with Fred.

In the early 90’s Fred parted company with some short term members but the authentic New Dreamers still exist today.

In 1975 Eamonn was asked to join Fred’s new band and is the longest serving member. He has performed all over the world including: The Cilla Black Show, Madison Sq. Gardens and the London Palladium.

An album titled “The New Freddie & The Dreamers” was recorded in late 1975 and the band maintained this official name until Fred sadly passed away in 2006.

Eamonn, with other original former members of Freddie’s band carry this musical heritage forward into the 21st century continuing his memory and contributions made during the 1960’s. They are the only official New Dreamers Band with ISRC recordings and trademarks held (since 1975).

The New Dreamers perform a high intensity 60’s show with all Fred’s hits plus a few other memorable ones from the era.


The Hits

If You’ve Got to Make a Fool of Somebody 

1963 - No. 3

 I’m Telling You Now

1963 - No. 2

  You Were Made for Me

1963 - No. 2 


 Over You 

1964 - No.  13

 I Love You Baby

1964 - No. 16

I Understand

1964 - No. 5



Please note

“The Dreamers” The real official original members from 1963 – 70 have not performed since that time. This named ceased as a band at Fred’s and others request. Any name pertaining to this is not official as matter of record with Management and publishers, whether registered or not.

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